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The man who stayed with the children of his friends with the only condition of being able to take the camera

When you have children, and especially if you have more than one, it usually happens that friends stay on the road. Some reengage later when they are parents too, but others are practically forgotten because you no longer go out the same places (if you go to buy diapers and take them to school it can be called "going out") and because they are not usually interested a lot the issues related to babies and children.

When can we say that our son stutters?

Some time ago we talked about evolutionary stuttering in children. This type of problem in children's speech occurred when they produced some kind of dysfluence (that is, lack of fluency in speech) between two and five years. But we must bear in mind that although these alterations are frequent in childhood and at the beginning of language, there are also other problems associated with speech fluency that are not so normal and that can be an alarm signal.

Experiment with planets based on Heliocentric Theory

Today, many of you will have known thanks to Google's doodle that celebrates the 540th anniversary of the birth of Nicholas Copernicus, whose heliocentric model is considered one of the most important theories in the scientific history of Humanity. The famous Polish astronomer was orphaned with only 10 years, and later he would study canon law, influenced by a relative under the tutelage of his parents when he died.

Is the potty useful?

The potty is installed in many houses when the "diaper operation" is nearby. Nowadays there are very striking urinals, of design, of funny shapes and colors for the little ones, that have little to do with the “buckets” that were used to put them next to the bed and not have to go out to the cold when the toilets They were far from the room, even when they were a hole outside the house.

Despite the recommendations, most babies start complementary feeding early

When we offered you the complete complementary feeding guide a few months ago, we explained that the recommendations when it comes to starting to feed the babies say that the best time is after 6 months. Some guides speak of the four months as the age from which babies can already start eating, but since that recommendation clashes frontally with that of breastfeeding until six months exclusively, what they are trying to impose is the six months as an ideal time to start giving them food other than milk.

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"I would have loved to receive the bill for everything I have not paid," the defense for our public health that has gone viral

Eva Buttom is pregnant with twins, and a few days ago she had to enter the Virgen de Valme University Hospital in Seville, due to the threat of premature birth. After five days hospitalized, the woman decided to publish a text on her Facebook account thanking the attention received and reflecting on everything she would have had to pay for her admission, if in our country there was no public health.

Plastic caps and the solidary use of their recycling

The more I read about the stories of solidarity caps, the more I want to keep them all and participate in the process of channeling them to people who can make good use of them. And with each ton of plastic caps collected, the recycler brings the amount of 200 to 300 euros that can be used to pay for treatments for children with rare diseases.

Chickenpox: how to recognize and act

Chickenpox is a viral infection in which the person has extremely itchy blisters throughout the body and although it is more common in children younger than 10 years, it can also be developed by adults and older children. In general, the disease can be treated at home under the supervision of a specialist without the need for hospitalization, but we will give you some clues to be able to recognize it and make it more bearable.

Macaroni with chicken and sausage. Pasta Recipe

To vary a little and not always make the same pasta recipe, sometimes we can substitute some of the ingredients for another and thus surprise the family a little. Today we are going to prepare a tasty recipe for chicken and sausage macaroni that will be a sure success. As chicken or turkey are more "bland" than sausages or minced meat, we are going to cook them in an interesting way so that they take the flavor of sausage and turn this simple dish into an almost festive dish that everyone likes at home .

The music our children listen to

The other day I was telling a friend that I was a little worried because my daughter was not listening to Radio 3 of Radio Nacional de España and she told me that it was better. I kept thinking and the truth is that I think he is right. That he still has a lot to explore, know, participate and choose to form, if he wants to form, a criterion.

Kireei, a website full of beauty

Yesterday I brought you a couple of ideas that I found on a new page, Kireei, but the more I visit her the more precious things I find on her. So I prefer to recommend it directly because it is a true work of art. This new website specializes in decoration, crafts, cooking, photography, healthy living, artists and culture portfolios.

How to prevent the appearance of cracks in the nipple

One of the first barriers that many mothers encounter, and therefore, also the children, are the cracks that appear in the nipple of some mothers who breastfeed their babies. Normally the first days appear when the technique is not completely adequate (the position of the baby is not correct), if the mother uses soaps, laundry detergent or other aggressive chemical compounds or if alcohol-based cosmetics with glycerin are used or because of a combination of several of these factors, the baby's position being the most common cause.

What is the most surprising thing the pediatrician or nurse has told you? the question of the week

This morning I told you an argument made by health professionals, explaining that breast milk with the second child is less nutritious, and I have realized that both pediatricians and nurses can do a lot of harm to mothers and their babies (sometimes even psychological, because there are those who throw real fights) with surprising advice, often for scratching the absurd or for being simply disrespectful (not even being health advice).

High demand babies: features (III)

After two entries explaining some of the characteristics that high demand babies can have, today we end up with the four remaining characteristics. To recap a bit, we have said of high-demand babies are intense, hyperactive, absorbent babies, who often feed, demanding, who often wake up, dissatisfied and unpredictable.

Ball parks or canned children's leisure

One of the proposals of leisure that has grown more in recent years the ball parks, which multiply in shopping centers, in restaurants or in independent premises for the enjoyment of children and disbursements of the elderly. Because, of course, having fun at the ball park is not free, and let's not say if it's accompanied by a birthday celebration.

Change the education to change the world

We have read an interesting interview with Claudio Naranjo, a reputed 75-year-old Chilean psychiatrist with a large professional career. Visit our country, specifically the city of Barcelona, ​​to give an interesting conference, "Change education to change the world."